Team Magnifiq

Meet our expert investment team at MAgnifiq. With seasoned advisors, analysts, and portfolio managers, we offer tailored strategies and prioritize risk management.

Collaborating closely with you, we create personalized plans based on your objectives. Our team upholds integrity, transparency, and exceptional expertise. Join us on your financial journey to unlock your potential. Trust Magnifiq for expert investments.

Let’s Meet with Our Experts

Raghu NC


Raghunandan C, affectionately called Raghu is an Engineer & an MBA in Finance by qualification and has a rich experience of 40 years in business. He has done his Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Management from XLRI.His expertise is in Wealth Management and with this core competence he has successfully set up multiple businesses in the Financial Management sector helping people build wealth. He is extremely passionate about helping people achieve Financial Freedom and create passive income so that they can live their dream life happily and joyfully.He has been investing in good stocks. His methodical approach of research and analysis of the companies he deals with is unparalleled and the best in the industry.He is the guiding force behind Magnifiq securities and ensures that his clients get the best returns for the money invested.

RC Rahul

Managing Director

R C Rahul is a stock market enthusiast with over a decade of experience and an MBA in Finance under his belt. He is an accomplished stock market dealer and is passionate about ideating and empowering startups to achieve new levels of growth. His experience in the unlisted market has helped him realize the full potential of startup investments, thanks to years of study and investigation. He also has a strong network of industry leaders who have guided him through innovative business strategies. With Magnifiq, Rahul is on a mission to identify good start-ups in various verticals to help them scale up with the help of funds and strategies.

RC Ratul

Jt. Managing Director

Ratul is a dynamic entrepreneur who started his career as a Manager for Telugu Warriors Team in CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) and went on to spearhead various businesses in the event management industry. As the Managing Director of Wall Of Fame Entertainment, he has facilitated numerous brand associations, endorsements, and live celebrity events, while also leading his innovative venture, 24 Snaps.  Ratul's business strategy expertise is a driving force behind his success in the entrepreneurial world. His knack for networking makes him an exceptional negotiator, allowing him to secure advantageous partnerships and collaborations and build strong alliances that will establish a strong foothold in the market.

Anirudh Sharma

CEO & Director

Anirudh Sharma, CEO of Magnifiq Securities Pvt Ltd, is a B.Tech graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Having worked with large entities such as ICICI, TATA, Reliance, and Religare and BNRathi Securities, he has extensive experience in the Financial Market.
His innovative sales strategies have captured extraordinary market share in the past with significant revenue. He has also successfully led teams to deliver maximum output time and again. Anirudh’s efforts have been consistently recognized and honoured in all the organizations he has worked with. He has, to his name, multiple Top Performance awards. Long-range planning, leadership, and team building are his pillars of strength, each of which is crucial for the growth of organizations. He is also a crisis manager and a team motivator, always aiming to achieve set targets.

Sridhar Gattu

Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Director

Sridhar drives the team on profit centre operations and is focused on ensuring the utmost client satisfaction. With over two decades of experience in primary and secondary markets, Sridhar has worked with corporates like Karvy, Kotak, AnandRathi, CD Equisearch & AASMAA, earning a Gold Medal in MFA along the way. His dynamic leadership skills have helped drive teams on both the operations and business fronts.